About Us

Welcome to the East Africa Hub of HTW Berlin! A pioneering initiative led by Prof. Dr. Katarina Adam and Prof. Dr. Oliver Scholz. Our project has the clear goal of strengthening HTW’s international collaboration through the establishment of groundbreaking partnerships on the African continent, particularly with Ethiopia.

The Vision: Building Bridges Together, Sharing Knowledge.

Our focus is on five central objectives, including enhancing the international competencies of students, promoting research collaborations, and establishing a network with German and Ethiopian companies. Through the introduction of short-term teaching assignments, international scholarships, and an innovative international curriculum—both in-person and digital—we aim to facilitate valuable international experiences for all involved.

Diversity in Collaboration: ASTU, AAiT, and BDU EITEX as Partners.

We are proud to collaborate with renowned partners such as the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (ASTU), the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT), and the Bahir Dar University Engineering Institute of Textile (BDU EITEX). This interdisciplinary project spans across all departments and programs.

Practical Relevance and Corporate Integration: Workshops, Lectures, Internships, and Theses.

A central aspect of our project is the close involvement of German and Ethiopian businesses. Through workshops, lectures, internship opportunities, and theses, we create a platform for intensive exchange between academia and industry.

Summer School 2023: A Glimpse into Our Shared Future.

The recently held Summer School 2023 was a highlight of our efforts. Five Ethiopian guests—students, professors, and a doctoral candidate—experienced a week filled with inspiring lectures, intercultural experiences, and intense knowledge exchange. – Read more about it here!

Step into the world of the East Africa Hub of HTW Berlin, where innovation meets tradition, and global connections are forged. Be part of this exciting project that redefines the boundaries of internationalization and shapes a sustainable future for education and collaboration. Welcome to the East Africa Hub—where the world comes together, and ideas grow!

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